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Saltfork Craftsmen Interesting Links

These are links we think will be of particular interest to Saltfork Craftsmen Members and the Blacksmithing community.

If you would like to add a link please send it to the Saltfork Craftsmen Webmaster.

ABABA Home Page

AK Forge

Blacksmith, Decorative Iron, Reenactment Supply
AnvilFire Blacksmith Resource Page
Anyang Power Hammers, Dies, and User Support
Big Blu Power Hammers
Blacksmith Bolt & Rivet Supply
(Wide range of authentic fasteners for wrought metalwork)
Blacksmithing Basics from Alan's Factory Outlet
Link thanks to Kingston Schools' Our Kids Build Stuff Workshop

Blacksmith's Journal -

blacksmithing help and publications

Blacksmith's Journal
Blacksmiths' and Farriers' Supplies

Pieh Tool Company, Inc.
Blacksmith Tools at Blacksmiths Depot
Brent Bailey Forge & Tool
Chile Forge (Builds Forges in SW U.S.)
Cobblestone Forge (Blacksmith Wagon Pics & etc.)
Culver Knives
Ernie's Massive Metal Links List
Forgery School of Blacksmithing. Classes taught by Robb, Chad and Brad Gunter.
G3 Tools - Blacksmiths Tools and Coal

Chad Gunter (505) 270-1007
IForgeiron (ideas, projects, & tricks)

I Forge Iron. com
James Johnson Blacksmith Art & Sculptures
Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association, Inc. (KCKA)
IronFlower Forge

Steve Bloom's IronFlower Forge
Articles and Tips
Jere Kirkpatrick's Valley Forge & Welding

Jere Kirkpatrick's Valley Forge & Welding
Metalworking Resource Guide
Link thanks to David of Ms. Ward's classroom!

Metalworking Resource Guide

Titanium Metal Supply Inc.
Turley Forge Blacksmithing School - Frank Turley, Santa Fe, NM


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The Artists-Blacksmith's Association of North America was established in 1973 and since its inception has played a major role in the recognition and resurgence of Artist-Blacksmiths in North America.

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