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Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith
~ Workshop & Playday Dates ~
FULL!!! HAMMER MAKING WORKSHOP - A hammer making workshop will be held in the NE region on the July 29th fifth Saturday. The workshop will be held in the Tulsa area at 1924 N Joplin Ave, Tulsa, OK. Class size will be limited so register as soon as possible if you are interested. Contact Doug Redden for details and to register. Doug Redden: 918-230-2960 or For insurance purposes, all attendees MUST be SCABA members or must join during the class.
Dates & Locatons to be announced
-- JOINERY WORKSHOP (Date and Location to be Announced): - Details of the workshop are not yet defined but this would be a workshop to learn how to make simple tenon joints and corresponding fitting techniques to make a small grille or similar item. This workshop would focus on good layout and fitting techniques as well as controlled punching and drifting. The date and location are to be determined and will depend on the availability of the instructor and facility. UPDATE: If there is enough interest, this class will be held in the northeast area possibly sometime this summer. If you are interested in attending, please let Mandell know.
-- CLAY SPENCER TIRE HAMMER BUILD WORKSHOP (Subject to Member Response): - An effort is being made to put together a weekend tire hammer building workshop for sometime this winter. The exact location is to be determined. The ideal workshop size is 15 to 20 students and each student will leave with a working tire hammer. The expected cost if there are twenty students is about $1,100 per hammer. This cost is extremely variable based on the number of students and the actual costs of materials which are purchased, scrounged, donated, etc. Clay Spencer will bring his experience along with jigs and fixtures to facilitate building a good hammer in the workshop setting. Each student will participate in building the hammers. Saltfork member Mike Hillsman will be the facilitator of this workshop. If you are interested, please let Mike know as soon as possible. If there are not enough students interested in this workshop, it may not be feasible. So please donít delay if you want this workshop to become a reality. Contact Mike at 918-625-4891. UPDATE: Only two more registrants are needed to reach the minimum number of attendees to move this workshop forward. Once the minimum number is reached, the needed parts will be obtained and schedules worked out. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please let Mike know as soon as possible to avoid missing out.
-- WELDING for BLACKSMITHS WORKSHOP (Subject to Member Response): - UPDATE: It looks like this workshop may be able to take place in the NE region, probably in Tulsa, if there is enough member interest. If you would like to attend this workshop, please let Mandell Greteman, 580-515-1292,, or Doug Redden,918-230-2960 or, know so a final location and date can be set.
- Have an idea? - Have an idea for a workshop or class? If you have an idea for a workshop that you would like to attend (or teach), please let the workshop coordinator know so that details for time and place can be worked out.

Mandell Greteman is the SCABA Workshop Coordinator.
Contact Mandell at 580-515-1292.

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The Artists-Blacksmith's Association of North America was established in 1973 and since its inception has played a major role in the recognition and resurgence of Artist-Blacksmiths in North America.

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